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“Touristbroker” – UNIC’s exclusive Insurance partner.
May 7, 2022

“Touristbroker” – UNIC’s exclusive Insurance partner.

Touristbroker is an insurance broker with a history that goes back 50 years.

As the name implies it offers unique insurance products for foreign residents and property owners in Spain and has been specializing and dedicated itself to this task throughout its history.

An insurance broker is an independent entity that defends the interest of the client above the interest of the insurance companies. It compares prices, coverages and conditions that exists in the market and offer the clients the best option that fulfill the client’s needs.

Touristbroker compares and works with over 20 well-known, multinational companies of first level and high solvency ratio. For example, Zurich, Allianz, AXA and DKV to mention some of the most renowned. This enables them to offer the best tailor-made insurance options on the market. Prices and conditions tend to be even better than what is offered by a common insurance agent or a bank!

They are also member of the acclaimed Willis Network (WTWN) which gives them access to discounts and special conditions due to their volume, and power towards the insurance companies in the market.

Touristbroker is proud of their personal service and experience in the sector and having their Head office in Benidorm ensures proximity and flexibility to our clients!  

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