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Practical guide to your insurance – ARAG Tourists in Spain
September 3, 2020

Practical guide to your insurance – ARAG Tourists in Spain

Medical and health care in Spain

An expert team will be at your disposal if you need medical and health care in Spain. Because you never know what might happen. It is important to travel with peace of mind and feeling protected, knowing that in the event of any incident a ecting your health you can be looked a er.

Here are some examples:

-> Imagine you’re on holiday and you have a fall and break your thighbone. With this guarantee, you will have medical attention covered, whether it is health care or a surgical operation. ARAG will send you to the best medical professionals.

-> If you’re taken ill during your trip and need emergency medical care, you won’t have to worry about looking for the best specialist or finding a hospital, because ARAG has a national network of providers that will attend to your needs at all times. You will only have to contact us by telephone and our staff will see to everything.

Medicalized repatriation or transportation of injured or ill people

This guarantee is for those cases in which you are injured or fall ill and have to be returned to your home. An incident near your home is a situation that you can control, but when you are far away everything is more complicated. With ARAG you won’t have any headaches. We will take care of transporting you so that your recovery can be near your home, provided that the medical team approves this.

Here are some situations you may find yourself in:

-> Imagine you have an accident and need a hip operation. Just call the ARAG Assistance service and we’ll see to it that you receive the best medical care, as well as working out the best way to move you as close as possible to your home.

-> If you find yourself seriously ill in the south of Spain. The ARAG operations centre will be able to organize transportation for you to your hometown or city.

Repatriation or transport of the other insured parties

If you are repatriated or transported due to illness or accident and this situation prevents the other insured persons from continuing the trip, ARAG will take charge of transporting them to their homes or to the place of hospitalisation.

-> You’re visiting your parents on the Costa Blanca and you have an accident that means you have to be returned home. Don’t worry, because with this cover ARAG will arrange and pay for your parents to travel with you to the hospital in your town or city of residence.

Repatriation or transport of children

If you are repatriated or transferred, because of illness or accident, if you are only traveling with minors under 15 years old, ARAG will organize the travel of a companion or the person you designate to accompany the children to your home.

Transport of a relative in the event of hospitalization

Under this guarantee, ARAG will transport the person you designate to accompany you in the event that you are hospitalised. This cover requires that your hospitalisation is for a period longer than 10 days.

-> For example, imagine you have to be taken into hospital in Barcelona. You will be guaranteed the transport of a relative to accompany you, and you will not have to take care of anything. ARAG will take charge of the plane or train ticket and the person’s stay.

Convalescence in hotel in Spain

This guarantee will help you in any situations in which you are injured or fall ill and cannot return home due to medical recommendation. ARAG will take care of your accommodation costs while you are recuperating in a hotel for a maximum of 10 days and up to the limit contracted in your policy.

-> Imagine you’re on holiday in Galicia and you come down with the u on the day you’re due to return home. The doctor recommends you a week’s rest before returning. ARAG will manage everything with the hotel and you will not have to pay any extra cost for the stay or do any paperwork.

Repatriation or transportation of a deceased Insured

This guarantee operates in the event of death of the insured person while on a trip. ARAG will organize repatriation to the burial place and will take charge of the expenses in accordance with the legal requirements.

-> If the Insured Person passes away while on a trip, their relatives just have to call ARAG Assistance and it will arrange for the repatriation of the deceased to their home country, leaving the bureaucracy in the hands of experts.

What is not covered by this guarantee? This guarantee does not include burial or ceremony expenses.

Early return due to death of a relative

This guarantee will help you to return early in the event of the death of a relative. ARAG will take charge of the expenses so that you don’t have to worry about administrative procedures at such di cult moments.

-> For example, if you have to cut short your trip due to the death of a relative, ARAG will take care of your journey by plane or train from your location to the place of burial in your town.

-> If such a situation occurs and you would like to resume your trip, ARAG will take charge of your return journey.

Early return due to hospitalization of a relative

If one of your relatives is hospitalized, you will be guaranteed the journey to interrupt your trip and to be together with your relative. To do so, it must be as a consequence of an accident or severe illness which requires hospitalization for more than 5 days and has occurred a er the start of your trip.

-> Imagine you’re traveling in La Rioja and you receive the news that your spouse has been hospitalized due to a serious accident. Obviously, what you want is to return as soon as possible to be with him or her. With this cover, we’ll pay for your return to your habitual residence.

Search, location and sending of missing luggage missing in Spain

This guarantee operates in the event of loss of luggage on a scheduled ight. ARAG will make every e ort to nd your luggage and will keep you informed about progress. If your luggage is found, it will be sent to you at no extra cost.

-> Imagine that you arrive in Ibiza and your luggage does not appear: what can you do? ARAG will take charge of the search for your luggage, and if it appears it will be sent to you at no extra cost.

Please contact Kristina: info@unicvillas.com for a price estimate and more information on the Insurance policy.

Testimonies from people we insure

Repatriation from Mallorca

Mary was on holiday with her family in Mallorca. They had rented a house for the month of August and a er a week she fell on the stairs in the house. She seriously damaged her knee. A er the accident, Mary called ARAG for advice on how to see a doctor.

She had to be taken to hospital. A er scans and two X-rays of her knees, the doctors recommended two weeks complete rest. When she returned to her holiday home, she contacted ARAG because she had decided she wanted to go home and recuperate in her hometown. ARAG’s medical team visited Mary and con rmed that it could organise her repatriation, provided that it did not go against the doctors’ recommendations. She was nally able to go home and complete her recovery there.