It’s The Best Time to Buy in Spain: Here’s Why

As the Covid-19 pandemic is subsiding, the housing market is kickstarting itself up again, ready for more residents from abroad to buy their forever homes. However, where demand is increasing, so will the property prices. Many experts are forecasting a more expensive property market in the coming months, especially in large cities. Therefore, the time to buy is now, when prices are still low before even more restrictions are eased, and expats decide to invest in property here.

Experts estimate the high rise in prices to increase by 2022, so you still have some time to make the most out of the lowered rates. At first, the increase is expected to appear in larger cities and those with good connections. The higher prices will be for properties in demand the most, such as homes with a private outdoor space, whether it be a terrace or garden. This sort of housing could increase as much as 3% by the end of this year and up to 8% next year.

So, now is the perfect time to buy before the drastic increase in costs and valuable financing conditions. If you can invest in a suitable property now for a reasonable price, then by the time the economy and market are back to normal, you’ll be able to make a suitable profit. Similarly, rent prices will go up just as the costs to buy do, so you’ll be saving yourself more in the long run if you choose to purchase. Overall, the time to act is now, so you should get looking and find your dream home before it’s too late.