Celebrating Norway’s national day in Norway is a truly unique experience

🌄 Get up early

💃 Dress appropriately

🇳🇴 Fly the flag

🕘 Brace yourself for queues (maybe not so much this year)

☔️ Pack an umbrella 😉

📷 Snap away

and last but not least: Learn to say ‘Gratulerer med dagen’ 🥳

That’s how Norwegians greet each other on the day. This can be roughly translated as ‘Congratulations on this special day’. It also means ‘Happy birthday’. Which is a bit confusing for foreigners, but kind of makes sense, as this is the anniversary of Norway’s constitution, which was signed at Eidsvoll on May 17th 1814.

Gratulerer med dagen, Norge!

The Unic Villas Team.