Flowtron Electronic Insect & Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can be somewhat challenging to control, especially in hot, humid climates. Aside from irritatingly itchy sores, mosquitoes are also the cause of heart-worms in dogs and can transmit other diseases to animals and humans alike. 

If you, too, have worn yourself out making experiments with various gadgets, sprays and ointments against insects, the time has come for you to get acquainted with this device.

The Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer does a lot more than deter mosquitoes from biting you. It is an advanced electronic zapper that uses a high voltage transformer to kill mosquitos and other flying insects on contact. This bug zapper comes with an insertable cartridge filled with octenol, a proven mosquito attractant, which lures the insects to the lamp. Some users even reported that the attractant was not always necessary because the ultraviolet bulb already draws mosquitoes to it. The Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer effectively negates the use of chemical mosquito repellents and killers, which will save time and money throughout each season. With that in mind, it could also save you the worry of using harsh chemicals and poisons where your children and pets may play.

Each female mosquito can produce over 300 offspring during her 3-4 week lifespan. 

Our devices specifically remove only egg-laying females – for every 1,000 females trapped we are preventing 300,000 eggs from being laid (and hatching). As the females are trapped we also eliminate successive generations through an interruption in the breeding cycle. This usually occurs after 4-6 weeks of continuous use. At this point, you will notice a marked reduction in the mosquitoes in your catchment area. You must continue to use your device going forward to control those mosquitoes that drift in from surrounding areas on the wind.

Nowadays, electric mosquito zappers are the most effective and safe (non-toxic) way to solve a mosquito problem.

How does Flowtron Insect Killer work?

  • Nontoxic ultra-violet light attracts and eliminates mosquitoes, biting flies, and other insects
  • Coverage of attraction: Flowtron BK-15E – ½ Acre, Flowtron BK-40E – 1 Acre, Flowtron BK-80E – 1 ½ Acre
  • 15, 40 or 80-Watt Bulb
  • Non-clogging killing grid
  • Origin: USA

The principle of modern zappers’ action is very simple. Ultra-violet lamp radiation attracts mosquitoes – and when they are approaching the electric grid, they are facing an electric shock. Boom!

Users noted that it works on mosquitoes, hornets, flies, drain flies, and other flying insects. They said that just after 2 nights of Flowtron working, they were able to stay outdoors without sprays, citronella torches, or long sleeves. Many of them say that the first few nights “sounded like a Star Wars light saber battle” and “looked like fireworks” because zapper killed so often. Then you will see that the zapping slowed after 3 or 4 weeks: First, it reduced the mosquito population and then eliminated it, if you are pretty lucky.

Flowtron received high ratings by homeowners who have a lot of flowers close to doors and windows, because different insects like these plants and can get into the house easily. It’s easy to clean with a leaf blower, for example, or compressed gas – such as Dust-Off.

Questions and answers about Flowtron BK-15/40/80E Electronic Insect Killer

Can I leave the working lantern under rain?
One key feature of Flowtron’s Electronic Insect Killer is that it is weatherproof. Its materials prevent it from fading, cracking, or rusting. While this serves an aesthetic purpose, it also means greater longevity as well. Many users reported using this device after multiple seasons without the need to repurchase. This bug zapper is undoubtedly built to last and withstand typical weather. Several reviewers felt that the Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer felt like it was quite sturdy and made of quality materials.

At what time does the device work more effectively?
It works more effectively at night, though it kills the insects at day, too. In addition, you may buy and set on a timer which will turn on Flowtron automatically for the period of maximal activity of biting insects, i.e. from sunset till sunrise.

How much does it cost?
The price of Flowtron depends on the size you chose.
Prices can be found here: https://flowtroneurope.com/collections/all

Can I simply put the device on table?  The idea is not a very good one. In the first place, the lantern requires much air space to work effectively. When you put it on table, you hinder the air circulation. Secondly, live insects will be rushing constantly to this table while the dead ones will pile up on it. Is that what you want?

Can I use my Flowtron indoors? The Flowtron is intended for outdoor use. It does protect the area surrounding your home and therefore also impacts the amount of mosquitoes that are able to enter your home.

The Flowtron is also perfect for restaurant areas, golf and other sport facilities and public spaces. 

Won’t it hurt birds which live in the forest near my house? Don’t worry, birds will be quite safe as such lights won’t attract them.

How to clean the grid? Can I oil it a little to protect it from dead bugs sticking? This measure will be out of place. Instead, you may use vacuum cleaner (or a portable vacuum) ventilator, drier or a special balloon with compressed air to blow dead insects out of the device. If you have noticed the accumulation of killed insects under the device, then put a bin below it. It’s quick and easy, so good luck!

Is it normal that the lamp is white? Everything is all right, it is white when it is turned off and becomes blue when the lantern is plugged in. But mind, if you have turned on the lamp and see that it is of orange color, it means that you need to change it for a new one without delay.

Our site area is less than 1 acre but as we live in the vicinity of water we have lots of bugs and mosquitoes. What model of Flowtron will suit us best? Once mosquitos become a serious problem, you’d better take the most powerful model calculated for 1.5 acres, just to be certain that the problem will get solved.

What about spiders and scorpions? Will Flowtron kill them? The lantern’s light can’t attract these creatures. It will be able to kill only flying insects so you have to find another remedy against these pests.

How do I use the Flowtron? The manufacturer for the Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer recommends placing the device approximately twenty-five feet away from your home or anywhere you plan to be. Doing this ensures that the mosquitoes are being lured away from you and not to you. Some reviewers found that the cartridge, which is filled with mosquito attractant, was not entirely necessary due to the brightness of the bulb itself. However, the zapper does come with one cartridge preloaded and should last for thirty days. Be sure not to install the device to the side of your home, deck, or patio. You may also want to make sure the device isn’t near any outdoor security lighting you might have that’s similarly bright, as flying insects could be deterred away from the device. The Flowtron light is strong, so be careful about looking at the zapper if you’re light sensitive. Carefully read all hanging instructions and be sure to follow them precisely.

Flowtron Europe is based in Spain but ships all across Europe. More information can be found here: https://flowtroneurope.com