Would you like to extend your living space?

How about glazing a roofless penthouse or terrace?

Many house owners decide to close parts of their (roof)terrace to be able to enjoy them all year round. 

Having a terrace or an attic, even if neither of them has a roof in principle, is the great object of desire. It is a real treasure. It offers great privacy, views, the fact of avoiding the noise of traffic and neighbours, being able to enjoy days in the open air in the city centre and a climatized indoor/outdoor feeling.

How to enjoy your terrace all year round

If you are one of those privileged people who has a balcony, even if it is without a roof, or a terrace where you can sunbathe a little, then you have probably realised that you get a lot out of this space during spring and summer, but when autumn and winter come, it loses all its prominence and you cannot enjoy it to the fullest. Why not continue to live fantastic dinner parties with friends? Why not play with your children in this space in the evening?

The solution is to glaze your terrace, install an enclosure with glass curtains so that you do not lose visibility and you can decide when to be outdoors and when to be indoors, while maintaining the comfort and convenience that you have in the rest of your house.

Tips for glazing a roofless terrace

For you to find an intelligent solution and be able to resolve all your doubts, it is essential that you choose a company that guarantees you the best possible result. 

Only use quality materials!

Open terraces are exposed to rain, hail, wind, humidity… 

That is why choosing a company that uses high quality glass curtains and with a proven track record is essential. The suggested thickness of glass in an upper terrace (penthouse) glazing system is 5 and 6 mm, although depending on the characteristics of the penthouse or terrace, and the height at which the glass is placed, it can also be 8 and 10 mm thick. This will provide you with an important level of thermal insulation, which will mean considerable energy savings in the rest of the house and extra soundproofing.

Trust experts to design the glass ceiling for your terrace apartment to the millimetre.

Make sure an expert adviser comes to your home to analyse and study which type of glass ceiling and enclosure is most suitable for you. Every space is different and the structure will vary depending on the space to be covered.

Evaluates the possibility of installing a bioclimatic pergola 

This type of structure can be installed without any problem in your terrace and offers you the advantage of opening or closing the panels so that more or less light can enter. This system is also perfectly compatible with glass curtains, so you will be providing a plus in design and comfort while closing your terrace, an improvement that will greatly enhance the value as well as the liveable space of your home.

Ask permission from your residents’ association or the community administration.

When you decide to have your terrace glazed, please note that you may have to request permission from your residents’ association (comunidad)  and local council.

Contact us for more information on pricing, material, permits and more.