Adolfo Pėrez – our partner in property construction and renovation

Adolfo Perez

The company Construcciones Adolfo Pérez, located in the town of L’Alfàs del Pi (Alicante) has experience in the construction industry over 25 years.
Family origin, are now facing the business Antonio, Juan, Loli and Mari, who have continued in the family business, with steady growth each year. The growth of the company in this sector is based on the quality of work and personalized service and dedication to / with your customers. The workforce is made up of a select group of workers who are of utmost confidence. As well as professionals and collaborating companies that are involved in the development of projects and the execution thereof with all their interest.

“The confidence and security of more than 25 years in the sector guarantee us”

The company has qualified technicians who are responsible for developing the projects. Encompassing both the area of architecture, design and engineering. Construcciones Adolfo Perez has the necessary means to carry out the entire process of building a housing, minor and major reforms, public works, commercial premises, hotels, and public facilities of any kind. From the excavation and structure to the final and most delicate of interior finishes. The company is certified business classification for any public works project and is part of the ASSOCIATION OF FAMILY BUSINESSES IN THE PROVINCE OF ALICANTE.


Any small or large reform carried out by our company is treated with the same interest and a follow-up by our staff, as if it were a large project.

As if it were a domino effect, our relationship with our clients has provided us with more clients, more businesses and more homes to renovate. Thus establishing a “special” relationship with many of our clients and many companies through which our staff has passed.

Pools and Spa

It is a significant volume of business in the company. Both large public swimming pools and private pools. Our company specializes in the construction of swimming pools of great beauty and quality.

The construction of swimming pools and their correct operation and maintenance require highly specialized work and our company has technicians with long experience in the sector who, in turn, apply the most modern techniques and avant-garde materials for their correct construction.

Construction of single-family homes

Since the beginning of the activity of the company, the most demanding clients have entrusted us with the construction of their homes.

The construction of a home with a project designed by and for a client is very complex and very difficult to carry out. Adolfo Pérez can be proud of the large number of clients who have trusted our company to see their dream come true. Nowadays, you only have to take a walk through many urbanizations in the area to see homes of great beauty that have been built by our company.

Are you considering a full renovation or partial upgrade of your property, a new pool area or even a completely new built home for your family?

We provide professional and hassle free planning, construction overview and follow ups for all our clients. Also possible through virtual tours.

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